Fans at TikToker Brian Chira's body viewing

A little over a month after popular TikToker Brian Chira was laid to rest, village elders from his area have met for a very important traditional ceremony.

This is after huge concerns were raised following how mourners conducted themselves at Chira's burial. His burial was attended in droves with those in attendance noting they were giving Chira a send off full of high energy just as he had lived his life.

Said send off included attendees dancing provocatively, drinking and shouting, and listening to trending secular music. Moves that displeased villagers in his home location in Gitei village, Gathanje area, Kiambu county.

Now that everything has fully settled, the cleansing ritual has commenced.

Dressed in the Agikuyu traditional regalia matching their status in the society, the male elders who emphasized taboos had been broken gathered yesterday to perform rituals in accordance to their customs a bid to ask for forgiveness and cleanse the land.

The ritual commenced as elders offered prayers, seeking forgiveness for the tumultuous events that unfolded when thousands flocked to the village to bid farewell to the TikTok star.  

They performed a cleansing ritual to dispel any lingering evil spirits. Concerns were raised about mourners' attire, as many drank alcohol and smoked openly in front of clergy and elders, which was a departure from tradition. 

Announcing that the ceremony would be taking place one of the villagers said;

"We didn’t like the way they dressed, smoked and drank alcohol in front of us. They didn’t even respect the clergy. They were disrespecting our Kikuyu traditions, and we’ve never seen that before. They urinated everywhere. That’s not the way we were brought up," 

He went on to add their conduct had left a multitude of questions in their minds.

"We’re worried about their future and how they’re going to raise their own children. It was a struggle even for the church to get access to the grave site. They don’t seem to know what they’re doing. We are calling on our village to hold a cleansing ceremony to remove any negative spirits left behind," he added.

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