Baba Talisha pens heart tugging post after being accused of using Chira's death for popularity

Chira died on the morning of Saturday 16th March and will be buried on Tuesday 26th March

Photographer/ content creator Faustine Don also known as Baba Talisha
Image: Saidi Abdallah

Photographer turned digital content creator Faustine Don known to most as Baba Talisha has penned a heart-tugging post addressing all the criticism he has been receiving since the passing of TikToker Brian Chira.

Baba Talisha highlighted that he has always been there for Chira and his grandmother contrary to popular belief. 

"While I risked everything (my brand), while I did everything...I was mocked for how I treated Chira like a kid while I was only trying to show him the way," started off the father of one. 

He went on to add that unlike other people riding the wave right now but were not present when Chira was alive, he did things to try and push the young man to lead a better life.

"When I told him about the circle, his circle created videos saying how I was with him for views and content while no one in the circle helped him until this day. 

Still today, they are blaming me for not being there, and when I was there, they were still blaming me for being there. Even after everything Chira said on cameras, the humiliation I still stood with the grandma during that period..." added Baba Talisha.

The late TikTok content creator Brian Chira
Image: Instagram

In a bid tom prove all he had done for Chira the TikToker shared a few screenshots of conversations between him and the late Brian Chira. He accused netizens of being ignorant when they did not have full information on how things unfold.


"No day passed without me encouraging him until the last few months when I sat him and Prince Mwiti together for over 30 minutes just talking to him. Still, Tiktokers who are blaming others for not helping, never stood up not even a single day to check up on him.

But now that's he's no more, check who is creating more content than those who stood up for Chira.

So stop being ignorant, yet you all know some who were close to him, were genuine. I stepped back because I had someone to protect.

I did what I did because I was able to do. please understand that. I've always told you guys to be very kind and humble. Kesho yako hujui (you don't know how tomorrow will be like),"  the rest of his post read. 

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