Brian Chira
Brian Chira Brian Chira

Friends to late Tiktoker Brian Chira are conducting a fundraiser to settle bills for his funeral arrangements. 

Three days since the fundraiser was started, the amount is now allegedly at Sh 7.3 million, according to Chira's friend Baba Talisha.

"We did it team..... 7.3 million innit," he wrote

Chira died on the morning of Saturday  16th March and will be buried on Tuesday 26th March.

Last week, musician KRG The Don promised to take care of mortuary bills.

He has further promised to make arrangements for the late Tiktoker's body to leave city mortuary to Montezuma.

"Its a hard time and right now people are going through alot in the country. I know his friends must be confused right now they don't know where to start. I didn't know him personally, I only saw him once in town he passed by where I was but I was busy I didn't even say hi to him," he told SPM

He further added that he will take care of coffin expenses.

"I am willing to make arrangement for his body to get out of  city mortuary to Montezuma. I will take care of the mortuary expenses and the coffin as well."