Ethic Entertaniment
Ethic Entertaniment

Following the exit of singer Rekles from Gengetone group Ethic, the three remaining brothers have released their first single after a long hiatus dubbed Kunoma.

This single being a first of a larger project outlines the current state of affairs, pouring their hearts to every lyric of this track and identifying with the true nature of the surrounding which is Kunoma, meaning tough.

The song portrays the struggles of unrewarding hustles due to a lack of connections, compromising self-worth, and settling for mediocrity.

“During the corona pandemic, both audio and video production became something very difficult, notwithstanding being signed under a big label, there was a strict adherence to protocol that meant it wasn’t business as usual. We however, did some standalone projects as a group and also different members did solo projects and collaborative projects with other creatives in the industry. We would say that was the major reason we went as silent as we did. When time was right for a comeback, we needed a strategy and a clearer way forward, thus the changes.” Ethic explains.

So, whats next for the group?

Looking ahead, the group confirms an upcoming project as a trio, following Rekles' departure.

They aim for a mid-October release, promising new vibes while staying true to Gengetone's core essence that has made Ethic a force in Kenyan music.

"Gengetone till we die.” They added

In the face of challenges, they echo Tupac Shakur's words: "We got to keep our heads up, even when the road is hard, never give up."