Diamond Platnumz
Image: courtesy

On Saturday night, Diamond Platnumz was forced to cancel his show at Mtwara after performing only three songs.

This happened 30 minutes into his performance before the area experienced a black out.

A disappointed crown walked away after the MC announced that they would all be VIPs on Sunday.

"We start in the morning till 4PM. We ask you to come early in the morning. You that are here today are going to be VIPs tomorrow. "

The singer took to social media to apologize, adding that he would continue with the show on Sunday morning.

"MTWARA!!!! MTWARA!!!! Kutokana na itirafu ya Umeme Jana katikati ya Show yangu, Leo kuanzia Asubuhi Mpaka Saa 12 jioni Ni na wasanii Mbalimbali wa Wasafi Festival tutakua tunaperform tena Live Katika Uwanja wa NANGWANDA."

(Mtwara, due to a balckout that occurred in my show, from early in the morning till 6PM. Different artistes will be performing live at Nangwanda."

He added the entrance would be free.

"Sijaona kwa kiingilio cha bure …Njoo na Familia, Watoto, Rafiki ndugu na jamaa wote kuenjoy kwenye Day 2 Maalum ya #WasafiFestival #KivumbiLeo."

(I have not seen one with free entrance, come with your family, kids, friends to enjoy)


Diamond is currently promoting his Wasafi festival where he's brought together different artistes to perform in different places in Tanzania. Mtwara was his first stop.