Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan has slammed uninformed social media users for assuming that she did a surgery to get her artificial dimples.

"I want to educate some id**ts. It was not surgery, I know the word surgery gives you so much power, No. If it was dimple surgery I would obviously have holes drilled in and they would be very visible," she said

She added that what she did to achieve the dimples is a non-surgical procedure "And I did not do it in Turkey, I did it in South Africa. That is why eventually, the dimples dissolve in your cheeks you only see them when a person smiles."


Zari said it took an hour to perform the procedure at the comfort of her home.

She explained this to shut down claims that she did a dimpleplasty, which is a minor surgery performed to achieve dimples on one's face. 

In the past however, Zari has admitted to doing surgery.

"What people say about me undergoing plastic surgery is true but I just removed the excess fat within my legs and tummy," she confirmed in an interview with NTV Uganda

Adding "For now, no matter how fat I get, my stomach and legs can’t go back to the previous size."

"Surgery is a lifestyle so many people are doing daily it daily, but for you, you have no happiness or peace, you have to highlight everything Zari does. You have a zari syndrome, sis, when will you heal?" She said responding to a fan 

Last year, she asked fans not to judge celebrities who do surgery.

"In Africa, we pretend we are shocked by some things. These things are being done by Western people, when you do surgery you do to enhance yourself, to look better. No one wants a big tummy."