Abel Mutua and his daughter
Abel Mutua and his daughter

Abel Mutua's daughter Mumbua was left in tears after seeing a video of her dad's all sold out show. Mutua threw the second edition of 'The Jyuuce Party' on Saturday. 

He shared a video of his daughter crying after seeing the crowd that attended her father's show.

"He has already succeeded," she said

Mutua explained;

"When the most important person in the household approves of your madness then mambo iko tu sawa. Last night was a dream guys!!! God really showed off through us. "


Mutua also asked fans that did not make it to the event to continue supporting him throw streaming the show.

"Wakurugenzi!!! Even after moving to a bigger venue Nasikia wengi wenu mmekosa tikiti. Kilio chenu tumekisikia. Whether you’re within the country ama in the Diaspora, You can now enjoy the show from the comfort of your space. The show will be streaming on Mkurugenzi.live today from 6 pm. The link is only 200 bob and the payment details are on the site. See you then!"

From us is congratulations to Mkuru!