xenia Manasseh
xenia Manasseh

Six Kenyan artists, for the first time ever, will take to the infamous COLORS’ monochromatic stage, performing never-before-released singles. 

Spotify has partnered with COLORSxSTUDIOS to showcase the smooth melodies of Kenyan R&B.

They had a week-long writing camp in Nairobi, Kenya during the first week of October, bringing together singers, songwriters and producers from Africa and the diaspora.

Afro R&B is one of the growing genres in Africa, and in Kenya specifically, it is in the top five most streamed genres. 

Singer-songwriter Lisa Oduor-Noah, performed her single For Keeps, a song she wrote in 2017. In Lisa’s own words, “it’s crazy when some of your wildest dreams, things that you looked at from so far away, actually happen”.

Lisa is currently on the cover of Tantalizers.

Xenia Manasseh, also a singer-songwriter takes the stage next with her enchanting vocals, and relatable lyrics.

On Wild Ride, a song she wrote in 2022, Xenia transports the listeners on a journey that reflects her personal experiences. The artist, who has written songs for some of the industry’s big names, encourages her audience to “keep dreaming, and keep following your dreams”. 

In a statement, Monica Kemoli-Savanne, Spotify’s artist and label partnerships Manager, East Africa said;

“This is the first time that any Kenyan artist is performing on A COLORS SHOW and we are honored to have been able to bring this collaboration to life. Our mission of elevating African artists to global stages continues, and we cannot wait for audiences all around the world to discover the amazing R&B talent that Kenya has to offer."