Lucy Musa
Lucy Musa

Actress, singer, songwriter and philanthropist Lucy Musa has made a comeback seven years since her last musical project. Musa is opening up about the heartbreaks and challenges she faced before this bounce back.

The singer has released two projects back to back dubbed 'Duck' and 'Uwiii' 

Lucy's journey in the entertainment world had begun as an actress, leaving a mark with her remarkable performances. Alongside her acting career, she worked as a therapist, using her compassionate nature to heal and uplift those around her. But deep down, she knew there was something missing. It was music; it held the key to completing her soul.

Being a yogi as well, Lucy found joy in expressing herself through movement. Dancing became an integral part of her life, and she couldn't imagine herself without it. It was during her quest to combine her love for movement and music that she discovered the captivating genre of Amapiano. Its pulsating beats, rhythm, and energy resonated with her, pulling her into its magnetic embrace.

Determined to pursue music as a career, Lucy fearlessly dived headfirst into the world of Amapiano. The genre empowered her to create music that was vibrant, lively, and filled with infectious energy. Her melodies and lyrics aimed to transport her listeners to a state of pure bliss, to embrace life and its offerings with an open heart.

Lucy's music spoke of freedom, urging people to break free from the shackles of societal expectations and to unleash their true potential. It was all about turning back the clock and rekindling the uninhibited spirit of the inner child - a spirit that knew no boundaries and was fueled by pure happiness and joy

From small, intimate venues to large music festivals, Lucy's amapiano beats began to echoacross the Australian music scene. People couldn't resist dancing, the infectious rhythmspreading like wildfire. Her performances became a celebration of life, a reminder to embraceevery moment and go after what one truly desires.

With time, Lucy's music reached even the farthest corners of the world. Her name becamesynonymous with joy, and she became a beacon of hope for those who believed in the power ofmusic to heal and unite. Lucy Musa, the EWOC descendant, had captivated the hearts of millionswith her vivacious spirit and her dedication to spreading happiness through the universallanguage of music.

And so, Lucy's journey as an artist continued, leaving an indelible mark on the world. With everynote she played, every lyric she sang, and every dance move she performed, Lucy reminded usall of the liberation that lies within us. After all, it is through music and the pursuit of ourpassions that we truly find ourselves and live life to the fullest.