CDNA Cohort
CDNA Cohort

The British Council is working with local fashion designers to boost the growth of a sustainable creative industry through a programme aimed at developing their skills, knowledge and global networks.

The programme dubbed Creative DNA is supporting designers through the development of business and creative skills focusing primarily on promoting alternative and innovative approaches to the global fashion system.

The Creative DNA programme will offer business incubation support to 20 Kenyan based early-stage fashion and accessory enterprises. Created to provide business skill development, strengthen networks in Kenya and in the UK and offer action-based learning through digital coaching sessions, co- created online campaigns, and market opportunities.

The participants of the programme become integral parts of the creative economies and networks in Kenya. It encourages designers to consider their cultural heritage, local traditions and crafts skills, personal identity and how these are represented in their design and communicated globally.

Speaking about the transformative nature of the Creative DNA program, British Council’s Project Manager, Kanze Nzovu said;

"The Creative DNA programme was created with transformation in mind, and since it was put into place, it has given Kenyan fashion designers both opportunities and challenges in equal measure. In addition to learning how to develop their businesses while competing for funds to do so, programme alumni have been given multiple opportunities by the British Council to explore prospects for expanding their brands and competing in international markets after completing the training."

The six-week Bootcamp, conducted in collaboration with Project Manager Silvia Tonui, veteran fashion designer and teacher Ann McCreath, and Fashion Scout UK, specifically addresses growth-stage challenges such as attracting the right customers ,scaling to new markets, finding partners, and securing investment for all 20 entrepreneurs involved.