Nero Company CEO Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai has opened up about one of the things that turns her off in a man. The businesswoman said bad breath is a no!

Taking to Instagram stories, Muigai advised men.

"Guys, I'm coming for you today. I know most of you take less that 15 minutes to get ready but please, could you take at least 5 minutes to brush your teeth including your tongue."



"I don't understand ho someone would be smelling their breath. Bad breath turns me off."

In a past social media post, Muigai said she doesn't smile on her photos as she is yet to fix her smile.

Meanwhile, Muigai had previously apologized to her fans for seemingly looking under the influence in previous Instagram stories.

"I might trip, but won't fall. Was going through a lot the past weeks, but I am now back up. The sober Anerlisa is back," she stated.