Femi One
Femi One

Femi One has set the music scene ablaze once again with the release of her electrifying new single, "B.A."

"B.A" which translates into “we are good or tuko poa" is all about turning negatives into positives. With its infectious beats and uplifting lyrics, the song is a powerful reminder to embrace happiness and the simple things in life. It's a perfect blend of Femi One's signature style and irresistible energy.

Directed by the visionary Steven Mugo, the music video for "B.A" is a visual feast, capturing the essence of the song with dynamic choreography, stunning visuals, and Femi One's magnetic presence. From start to finish, viewers are taken on a journey filled with excitement, empowerment, and unapologetic self-expression.

Adding to the allure of "B.A" is the masterful production by Jegede, whose deft touch brings out the best in Femi One's electrifying performance. The seamless fusion of beats and vocals creates an irresistible groove that will have listeners hitting the replay button again and again.

Speaking about the release, Femi One expressed her excitement, saying, "I'm thrilled to share 'B.A' with the world. This song is all about embracing who you are and being content with the simple things in life. I hope it inspires everyone to let go of negativity and celebrate their individuality."

With "B.A," Femi One once again proves why she's one of Kenya's most exciting musical talents. Her infectious energy, unmatched skill, and empowering message continue to resonate with audiences around the globe.