YouTube creators during their graduation in Nairobi
YouTube creators during their graduation in Nairobi

Kenyan YouTube creators graduated last week in Nairobi in an event that celebrated the graduation of creators who participated in a six-month Made for You program.

This initiative empowered them with the skills and knowledge to thrive on YouTube Shorts, the platform's popular short-form video format.

Other celebratory graduation events were held in Johannesburg and Lagos.

The Nairobi event, hosted approximately 150 guests, celebrating the Kenyan creators, their journey and reinforcing YouTube's commitment to fostering new talent on the platform.

The program is aimed at enriching the digital landscape by equipping African creators with essential skills and integrating them into a broader network of content creators. 

The program underscores the platform's dedication to nurturing the talents of African creators. Through comprehensive training and community engagement, creators are not only honing their craft but are also becoming active contributors to the digital economy.

The surge in short-form content creation is supported by the widespread availability of mobile access anddigital devices, making it easier for creators to produce and share content. This development has enabledAfrican storytellers to adapt their rich narrative traditions into engaging digital formats that reach viewers bothlocally and around the globe.