Kwambox and Chito
Image: Instagram

Kiss FM presenter Kwambox has narrated how a Kenyan millionaire lost millions of money through his addiction to gambling.

Speaking to Chito on the Morning Kiss, Kwambox explained that this true life story was the reason she got scared of gambling.

"When I was a kid, a popular guy was very wealthy. But the father had a gambling addiction, he would carry money in suitcases to the casino to a point that the wife had to go to court to stop him. And finally one night the guy carried all the last savings and for the first two hours, he was winning and he kept going all in, he left there with nothing. He lost hundreds of millions through gambling."

She added that since then, that family has gone from grace to grass "As we speak right now, these guys are living in ghetto nearby. It is a true story. I think this thing is giving people mental health issues."

Kwambox went on to share a story of a young man who died as a cause of gambling.

"There's so much gambling in this country and it got me thinking the amount of guys who are losing their lives tryna make money," she said

"Two days ago, I heard a story of a guy in Kibera who, after losing a bet, committed suicide. A very sad story. And then you find out that he had been losing so that he can pay off the debt, he was trying to equilibrium his life."

Chito explained that she knows of a man whose marriage is on the rocks due to gambling.

"The wife had to tell him to get out of the house, he was betting to the point he even bet their family's savings. There was a time the wife had to go to the supermarket and when swiping, it declined, he was gambling form 100K to 350K."