Kwambox and Chito
Image: Instagram

In one of today's talk show segments Kwambox and Chito urged listeners to support friends' ideas while discussing some billionaires.

One is Taylor Swift who made it to the Forbes billionaire list this year by just making music and going on music tours.

Kwambox added, "Even that Facebook guy should give us some chums," arguing it's our funny profile pictures "zina mjenga."


If Chito could go back in time he would find Mark Zuckerberg and propose to be one of his investors.

Kwambox said Mark Zuckerberg had friends and when he shared his Facebook idea they "lengad" it.

She added how right now you may be seated with a future Zuckerberg and Jeff Benzos (both are billionaires).


She also joked about a "jaba" business but Chito would rather go back in time to find the billionaires and support their ideas.

Watch the snippet below: