Following musician Linet Munyali's alias Size 8 revelation that she washes her husband's boxers to boost his self-esteem, Chito and Kwambox discussed in the morning show.

Chito started the conversation by exclaiming he was stuck on the matter saying every time he sees the guy he'll be like " Wewe ndo ule msee huoshewa boxers na bibi yako?"     

Kwambox shared many guys get boxers washed by their partners.


She added she doesn't know what DJ Moh does and she knows him as Size 8's husband.

Chito explained to her that DJ Moh is a gospel DJ and has "his own thing called system unit."

She insisted she knows what his wife said that to boost his (ego) self-esteem she washes his boxers.



Darling#ChitoAndKwambox.... " socks, shoes, boxers na handkerchief nita jisort lakini mambo na jikoni zii

Emmah Khaleji Natasha He he heWhat happened to his hands  

Sam JabirThere is something called basic hygiene one doesn't need school to know..thats the same to escorting an adult to the washroom to wipe him /her and you are not a home care nurse..

Bicting NetizenKiss 100 Kenya Sasa kama unaeza osha other clothes,,ni nini Cha kushangaza apa