Woman Crush Wednesday in studio was Nigerian Afrobeat singer  Daniella Daniel popularly known by her stage name Morravey.

Chito and Kwambox weren't sure how to pronounce her stage name, so they welcomed her into the studio asking how it felt to be in Nairobi.

Chito explained to her she has visited the country when it's cold.

She went on to share how she is pleased to be in Nairobi when it's cold because on the other hand, "Nigeria is so hot" but not as much.

During the interview, Chito asked her when she started doing gospel covers and her favorite ones.

She cleared the air, stating that she wasn't doing gospel covers but downloaded secular beats made them the gospel and performed them in church.

She shared she was just trying to utilize her talent but was told she was bringing bad energy to the church.

Additionally, she shared how she came into contact with Davido to the point she signed to his record label.

She shared her experience of meeting Chris Brown, saying it was a big big moment.

She went on to confess that she froze and couldn't remember what Chris Brown told her.      

Concluding Chito can't wait to see her perform at Raha Fest asking if she will be performing alongside Davido.