Being Woman Crush Wednesday, Chito and Kwambox had a gift for the ladies in the studio and listening, Rwandese singer Element Eleéeh.

Being a pleasure to have him in the studio Kwambo asked him, "Is it your first time in Kenya?" answering it is while Chito asked, "How are these guys treating you?"

"Not really good," Element Eleéeh said jokingly sharing Kenya is good and he likes it here.


"Is it meeting your expectations? "Kwambox asked. Element answered saying it was beyond his expectations because he could see the love and support.

While Chito questioned if it was Bruce Melody who gave him a low bar, Eleéeh shared that it was not entirely Bruce but also other Rwandese who had visited Kenya.

"I'm here for my media tour, production with some artists here, Sauti Sol but my main purpose is making my art expand," Element said as he shared what he was up to in Nairobi.


Kwambox shared that before "Fou De Toi", one of Element's songs, she had never heard about Element's music asking him how long he had been in the music industry.

"Like professionally 4 years, but I have been doing music since I was like 13 years," Element disclosed.

Writer: Element Eleéeh Producer: Element Eleéeh Assistant producer: KOZZE Acoustic Guitar: Jules Hirwa Bass Guitar: Arnaud Gasige Mix & Mastering: Bob Pro Visualizer Director : BJC , Element Eleéeh Editor: BJC, Uniquo, Chriss Eazy Colorist: Munezero Chretien (Uniquo) Costumes: ISUNZU Make up: MIO Beauty Recording label: COUNTRY Records Follow Element Eleéeh Everywhere: Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Tik Tok : Stream KASHE everywhere: #element #kashe #eleeeh #afro #afrobeat #afropop #kizomba #zouk #acoustic #kigali #rwanda #africa

Having the knowledge that Element started with producing, Chito asked what was like, shifting from production to music making.

Element shared that he was a "producer who sings" and he didn't want to release the song at first because he was shy.

After disclosing he was shy his friends giggled leading to him revealing "I just wrote Kashe for my girlfriend at that time," adding he gave the song to his ex-girlfriend as a gift but after she left he felt the need to share the song to the world.

Element explained what the name Kashe means saying it means stamp, explaining because the chorus says "Don't doubt that I love you, I'm attached, it's confirmed you stamped somewhere in my heart."

Chito asked if he and the ex-girlfriend still talk, Element shared they are friends with the ex.

He clarified that he didn't talk to his exes while he was dating but only  when single.