Cyd and Muchina discussed what would be an acceptable voice note length during yesterday's evening talk show.

What is the acceptable length of a voice note? Muchina questioned.

According to Cyd, it depends on who you are talking to arguing it should be reasonably long because, "Unaeza bore msee so maybe like 2 minutes."


"My ADHD can't allow Cyd for you to send me a 20-minute voice note and I'm there listening, no," Muchina claimed.

Conversing Cyd exclaimed that 20 minutes is extreme while Muchina shared he has a friend who sends him 18-20 minute long voice notes and sometimes even 25 minutes.

For Muchina, " I can do 10 minutes after that iyo fanyia voice over ya documentary."


"Imagine in my head nilikuwa nasema 2 minutes is the longest sasa imagine 10," Cyd shared arguing that 10 minutes is long.

They concluded by asking their audience for an acceptable voice note length. 

Some comments from listeners are below:

xhirawvini254  Me 3-4 minutes maximum juu hiyo ingine sitaskia be composed and short tukisonga 😂😂😂

zeinhomes    2 to 5 mins that's it

proudly.lion If its tea I will listen but max ni 5minutes

mwinga_andrew 2mins max. Na hio bado itaboo

kevin.kitau ata 1hr

xhirawvini254 @kevin.kitau just call please

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