Muchina Malomba

Kiss FM's Cyd Wambui and Muchina Malomba discussed some behaviors they had seen in people during the Drive show.

The duo mentioned that certain behaviors in people left them wondering about the upbringing of the individuals.

 "Have you ever interacted with someone who had you thinking, who raised you?” Cyd initiated the conversation.

 "Yeah, a lot of times," Muchina replied. "I feel like we were raised differently and it shows. Your parents were never really there," he added.

 Giving example, "Why would you go to the toilet and not flush?" Muchina asked, "And not wash your hands," Cyd added.

 "Basic etiquette, such as saying please and thank you, and how you treat people in subordinate positions," Cyd stated.

 While agreeing, Cyd added to the list "people who litter."

 Meanwhile, Muchina pointed out” People who have their feet on the table, wewe unakuja kwangu you’re my guI don’t place foot on my table, who are you?

Winding up Muchina raised the question to listeners “Let us know what other instances that has happened and you are like hmm uyu ni nani? Nani alimlea?”