In yesterday's evening show Muchina and Cyd shared several superstitions they have heard of, some of which they believe in and others they don't.

What superstitions do you think are out there that are just so crazy? Cyd asked.

"I've heard a lot, "Muchina, sharing a trending superstition on Kenyan TikTok about Sanpaku eyes explaining " Sanpaku eyes is like when your iris is like uku juu na the whites below are more," saying it means the world is out to get you.


Adding " People were saying Brian Chira had it, Kiplimo and Issa," continuing that he doesn't know how real it is but it's a thing from Japan.

"There is also the one for black cats being a curse, " Cyd shared saying she could get a black cat and she doesn't care about the superstition.

Cyd added another superstition "The one ukijiuma someone is talking about you," they said while guessing who might come up with these superstitions. 


Muchina added that some of them sort of make sense, "Where I come from in Western they usually say if you dream someone has died he probably ate a lot the previous night."

He explained he had several occurrences in which he had such a dream and made a call to the person and the person confirmed, "Manzee jana nilishiba."

Watch the video below: