In the course of the morning talk show Kwambox and Chito voiced their thoughts about the trending malicious death rumour of King Charles the Third.

"So King Charles the Third is trending this is because rumours started from nowhere, okay not from nowhere ati he is dead," Kwambox opened the conversation.

Chito questioned if it was because of the  cancer which he was diagnosed with. 


Kwambox continued saying, "Apparently they are saying it Russia, its Putin who started this rumour. Why? I don't know," adding the whole world is talking about it.

"If you go online to this morning you'll probably there are so many conspiracy theories of why the king is dead and you know Kate has been having her own scandal as well I mean it's crazy."

According to Chito, "It's very interesting how no one is blaming kina Megan," adding he is so sure if Megan were in they'd probably say "It's Megan Markle, she is the one who has said the king is dead."

Kwambox in question wondered "Who are these people who just wake up one day and say, let's say nani is dead?"


She added how you'll wake to a celeb trending and they have to come up and clear the rumour questioning "Where do you start this rumour, what do you benefit by starting such a rumour?"

Chito concludes," It would be the shortest monarch ever," arguing it hasn't been a year since his coronation.