During the morning show Chito and Kwambox hosted singer Nviiri where he shared how it is to be managed by his girlfriend 

Nviiri started by explaining what 'Mukuchu' is to Chito correcting them on their pronunciation saying it means money.

After the little chat about 'Mukuchu' Kwambox welcomed Nviiri but Nviiri stepped in and musically introduced himself.

Nviiri shared he is doing fine, from the socials Kwambox can tell he is in love and happy asking him "How is love."

The Storyteller answered saying he is being a good example to everyone and the "Mmeharibu Nairobi sana, si muache tuisafishe."

His answer led Chito to ask if his girlfriend follows him everywhere given that she is his manager.

This prompted Nviiri to introduce his girlfriend saying "Ladies and gentlemen, that's my manager right there."

Kwambox asked him if he was related to his former manager based on how Burna Boy and Bien are being managed by someone close to them. 

Nviiri shared he was initially under "Sol Generation" and currently apart from India, he has an international manager in the UK.

He added having someone you are close to is a good thing since they call you out on whatever is going on and understand the business, emotional, and music side.

Also, he has had encounters where he had to train someone again how to be his manager.

"Has she ever called you out on anything?" Chito asked.

Nviiri shared that it's under that narrative that ladies don't keep time and the rest is history.  

Kwambox joked how Nviiri can't be "Omah Lay on studio."

Nviiri shared how his girlfriend speaks almost like 6, 7 languages and he finds it romantic.

Other than that for him, it's nice to have someone well-traveled joking that "visa kupatikana ni rahisi " adding she has taught her a lot about the African culture.