Speaking during the morning show, Chito and Kwambox said they would relocate to  Rwanda and Uganda respectively if they withdrew millions following a bank glitch. 

Kwambox starting the conversation shared how miracles can happen mentioning how the " matrix is tryna help us." 

"So there is a bank that had a glitch yesterday, the best kind of miracles right? That allowed customers to withdraw millions of cash they didn't have," Kwambox said.


Chito chipping in said how he thinks prophet Awour prayed for the wrong country.

But Kwambox said, "Me I'm just thinking of that person who was seated like this, anaenda ku withdraw kapesa na anajua very well hana pesa kwa account lakini anasema Mungu ananionekania."

Kwambox went on to say how the person would withdraw up to "a hundred K." 


She asked Chito if he would withdraw the millions or do the right thing before she said, "I would withdraw the millions and relocate to Uganda."

In contrast Chito " Fahm me I'm going to Rwanda, do you know how they will treat me like a king there," arguing it's the size of Nairobi and he has millions there.

Kwambox argued for Uganda saying, "Si they can't even find Kony," adding he is even making videos, and if you wondering who Kony is google.

In conclusion they posed the question to their fans " Would you go to Uganda or would you do the right  thing?"