In yesterday's evening show, Muchina had a monologue where he shared some of the behaviors that show a person is growing old.

"Signs to look out for to know you are getting old, especially kitu kama news," Muchina started the monologue.

Explaining how when growing up people didn't care about the news but nowadays you" really wanna catch up with what is really going on especially news za tatu."


"Tea, when you start taking tea saa tatu za usiku , that is  how you know you're getting old my friend," Muchina said reminding listeners of how " your shoshos used take tea  na unashangaa what's whole the point of it, now look at you always taking tea."

Adding to the list, Muchina mentioned "noise" saying " I feel like right now me I can't stand  being in a place which is so loud," 

Also, "You just wanna get home all the time and have your chilled music, si sauti kubwa sana." 


Winding up Muchina asked listeners about other signs they think of which show a person is growing old.

Some of those comments are below:

Robert Miheso MamisuUkianza kusaahau kufunga zeep ya trouser

Salas TarusUkianza kupenda  beer

Maggy MutukuUkisahau kula 

Betty MwendeEvery meal lazima chai