Kiss FM's Chito and Kwambox conversed about how they ended up spending their last coins on food during the morning show.

"Why do we always spend our last money in the bank on food though? "Chito asked.

He went on to add that that's not limited to the bank only but also the last amount you have in your M-pesa or your pockets will always end up on food.

In agreement, Kwambox shared "Like right now I have 1500 in my M-Pesa and I'm so hungry, adding " naenda kukula."

Chito adding on the topic said, " The weird part now you find there is that ka offer, sijui how many chicken pieces 1450."  

Kwambox argued that in "Westie" you'll find billboards advertising food Chito adding the prices are "Sh1450 and Sh1050.

"Siwezi nunua hiyo ya one thousand and fifty na nunua hiyo ya 1450 ndio nikuwe na ka fifty ya kwenda nyumbani," Kwambox claimed.

Kwambox further explained how when you have "kachums" you don't feel hungry and you even be walking in town and you won't feel tempted to buy food.

But when you almost go broke "even "dondo starts smelling nice." 

Chito revealed he has a "kibanda" he avoids and last time he ate from there " niliendesha gari."