Chito would rather remain single than date a red-thigh woman, as he shared with Kwambox on the morning show.

Chito started the red-thigh conversation by saying how a man will get married to a certain woman and within a few months he will allegedly die.

There are certain women whom their husbands or men they associate with die not because they want to but because it is a belief in the Kikuyu culture about having red thighs that leads to the death of the men they are dating.

Kwambox shared her narrative on the topic saying there was one who was a Tanzanian actress, who killed her husband.

The story left Kwambox thinking if the police asked what she did to these men arguing 1,2 is okay but 5 is a lot.

Leaving the narratives Kwambox asks if Chito would date that type of woman and for him, he would rather stay single knowing well enough that the woman will send him to "the great beyond."

He posed the same question to Kwambox and she explained there are no red-thigh men so she is safe.

Chito said that she should read about the red-thigh theories.

"Red Thigh"

Traditionally among the Kikuyu community, "Red Thigh" refers to a cultural and traditional practice associated with female initiation ceremonies.

This ceremony also known as "Njugu-ini" or "Njuiru-ini" marks the transition of young girls into womanhood, and it is a significant rite of passage in the community.

During the "Red Thigh" ceremony, a red substance, often made from a mixture of ochre and other natural materials, is applied to the thighs of the young girls.

The red colour symbolises fertility, maturity, and readiness for marriage. The ceremony is a cultural expression of the community's values and beliefs surrounding femininity, marriage, and societal roles.

The application of the red substance is accompanied by rituals, teachings, and celebrations, guided by elder women in the community.

These rituals are meant to prepare the girls for their roles as women, wives, and mothers.

But in the modern Kenyan context, the term Red Thigh has dark connotations with women who are associated with the term being referred to as femme fatales and bearers of misfortune.