During the morning show the duo discussed if using graphic images and explicit videos will raise awareness against STDs among everyone in general but mostly the Gen Zs'.

Chito started the conversation by asking, "Guess this method of actually fighting STI and STDs work," while Kwambox heard a sarcastic laugh and told Chito to share his story first.

Chito went on with his story saying, "You remember how back in the day we would have billboards all over the country,"  of people who had their thighs wounded.

Chito shared he saw the same last week when a lady took a picture of her wounded thighs and posted it online and was a warning for everyone who had been with her sexually.

The lady's post led to Chito remembering billboards they had "back in the day."

The billboards displayed photos of people with injured and wounded body parts and would warn about AIDs.

The whole thing got Chito thinking, comparing different generations to how some got wiped out and others saw the Billboards and were traumatized by the images displayed.

This led to Kwambox sharing her encounter when she was in high school.

She wasn't sure if she did it intentionally or if it was a lucky day when the counselors were called to the school to have a chat with them about abstaining and the whole "AIDs thing."

For Kwambox she didn't attend school that particular day and she remembered how the following day the other students were traumatized.

Chito and Kwambox discussed how nowadays there are no such adverts to warn the youth about abstaining and the consequences.

Kwambox argued that they think "everyone gets it nowadays," asking if Gen Zs' know it" kweli."

Chito shared about how Gen Z will use excuses like there is "P2" while others will say they are allergic to latex.

Kwambox argued that using those explicit videos won't work explaining how those who smoke still see those graphic images printed on the product but ignore everything.

Do you think using those explicit videos will raise awareness against STDs and help everyone in general use protective measures while performing the deed?

They concluded with the question.