Juma Jux
Juma Jux
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Juma Jux recently announced that he had broken up with his girfriend Karen Bujulu.

But in  an recent interview with Tanzania's Millard Ayo, the 'Enjoy' hitmaker said he is yet to get a child as he would only want that to happen in wedlock.

"I am hoping to have kids in marriage, the woman that I will have kids with, will be my wife. I will do everything I can to make her my wife. I won't want to have baby mamas. I cannot predict the future but I wish it doesn't happen like that."

On why he is taking that decision, Jux said;

"I feel like its going to reduce some elements in my life. The family unit becomes stronger when you are all together as a family."

Jux added that out of the five women he has dated before, three of them were introduced to his mother.

"My mother is someone who vibes with you, she's loving. I do introduce them to my mother, if we have dated more than one year."

"A mother is a mother, she still asks me when I am getting married."

He added that to post a woman he is dating on social media means he is serious with her. He continued to say that he always dates women hoping he will marry them.

"I have only dated five women that are well known. and I don't date for a short time. Every woman that I dated, I felt like I was going to marry them."

In another interview with Lil Ommy, Jux admitted that he and Karen broke up three months ago.