Tanzanian artist Harmonize
Image: Instagram

Singer Harmonize has apologized after a video was leaked showing that he was involved in a physical fight with a Tanzanian boxer named Hassan Mwakinyo.

The singer was leaving a gym session before the fight occurred. Bodyguards were seen trying to separate the two.

"I apologize to anyone who came across the video of the conflict with Hassani of Tanga," he started off his statement on Instagram stories.

Adding "Personally, I never thought that he was serious, I used to consider him as a person of words only on the internet, but unfortunately yesterday when I entered the gym, he uttered contemptuous words. And insults involving even my parent!!!"

The singer said he couldn't take it anymore as he got angry.

"As human as I am, maybe I could have use wisdom!! But anger led to the controversy!!!! It is enough to say that there is a need to protect my respect."