Vanessa Mdee
Image: Instagram

Vanessa Mdee has reacted to rumours that she is pregnant with third child. Mdee shared a video while on vacation that got fans speculating that she is expectant.

She has watered the rumours down by denying them.

"And No, I'm not pregnant, just full, on vacation and living in abundance let a belly hang. Not everybody is an edit Barbie," she said on Instagram stories


In March this year, Mdee said she had purposed to share footage on social media that was raw and un-edited.

"You know I used to have the coolest-most-stylized-perfectly-edited pictures and videos and timeline blah blah blahh," she said 

"All that’s cool, but life looks and sounds like this right now and it’s raw, unfiltered, overwhelmingly joyous and honestly the best time of my life. So here’s a March photo dump I guess 🤍🙌🏽🙏🏽🌹."


Here are fans' speculations that got Mdee clearing the rumours of being pregnant;

Judydesq: I feel like we got a pregnancy announcement low key. Congratulations 😍😍😍

RoseyKidoti: number 3 on the way..wooooi..naona unakimbizana na rihanna hutaki mchezo kabisaa

Madame Officiale: Mbona kama tayari jamanii au nimacho yangu😳😳

Salome Lukaga: Ee Mungu wa vanessa mdee🙏🏼

Nelnyas.Fam: Let's start to embrace natural bodies, especially mommy bodies ✨️ once that is mastered. The normal simple things there will be no reason for speculation on any mommy. Peace and love to everyone 💕

SaidaMaureen: Seriously!!! Let a girl enjoy her life. Nobody said that a flat belly is the norm