Rotimi's 3 main 2024 resolutions will surprise you

The Nigerian-American actor revealed he'd be dropping and picking up some new habits to help him navigate life better

Vanessa Mdee alongside her baby daddy Rotimi with their two kids

Nigerian-American actor and singer Olurotimi Akinosho professionally known as Rotimi has revealed his plans of quitting alcohol, being less on social media and above all fostering a relationship with God.

Rotimi who is engaged to former Tanzanian songstress Vanessa Mdee, made these revelations during a sit down he had with his wife when he made an appearance at her podcast.

The father of 2 shared that those were part of his biggest 2024 resolutions highlighting that he felt he owed it to God to lead a better life as the creator had been merciful to him, sparing his life a few too many times.


In one of my resolutions for 2024, I am cutting off liquor, among many other things. I am making a vow to God, and I have also committed to reading the Bible every day. I feel like God has spared me on numerous occasions,” said the 35-year-old 'Power' star while speaking with his fiancée.

He went on to add that he would also be cutting down on the hours he spends on social media, trying his level best to reduce his presence online, as he focused on the betterment of his life and being more present.

Vanessa Mdee with her baby daddy Rotimi

Rotimi vowed to be more mindful about his online activities across all platforms.


The actor's revelation comes in just 2 months after his baby mama, Vanessa revealed her battle with alcoholism. 

"I don't drink alcohol anymore. I'm almost four years clean without an alcoholic beverage.

I'm so proud of myself, its actually one of the best decisions I've ever made," announced Vanessa sharing how proud she was of her journey.

Highlighting why she chose to be a teetotaller the mother of 2 attributed her drinking problem to her earlier days when she was a singer noting she might have been on top of the world but she was beyond depressed, which turned her into a functioning alcoholic. 

"When I was in the entertainment industry, I had a lot of stress and to cope with the stress and to escape a lot of depression, I drank a lot. I was a functional alcoholic.

I would do everything perfectly actually but towards the end that's in 2018, I drank every night to go to sleep and it was an unhealthy lifestyle," she said on TikTok

She added;

"As I got close to God, the Holy Spirit convicted me to stop drinking and after a very personal traumatic experience I decided to quit drinking forever."

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