Tanzanian artist Vanessa Mdee
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian former media personality, singer, and radio host Vanessa Hau Mdee has had to defend herself and her relationship with Nigerian-American actor/musician Rotimi.

This comes after a netizen commented on her post detailing she felt pity for the mother of 2 as Vanessa had given up her career for a man who didn't respect her enough to even wife her up.

Responding to the comment, Vanessa made it clear that she had no regrets standing for what she loves.

While still responding to the netizen who had left a comment highlighting that she found it pitiful that the mother of 2 threw away her entire career for a man Vanessa said she had no problem supporting her man and she does it with so much joy.

In the since-then deleted comment the netizen identified as sall.yume had called out Vanessa for taking a backseat for a man that the netizen alleges constantly cheats on her.

"Girl the fact that you quit your career to be this dudes hype man and he won't even marry you is heartbreaking for real.

I hope you find your way back to what you love... you completely gave yourself up for him, sigh" the netizen wrote.

"I will gladly support my husband and gladly raise our children!" Started off the former songstress in her retort.

Vanessa Mdee with her baby daddy Rotimi

She went on to add that people should learn to discern life is more than what you see on the screens. Highlighting that she still earns from the music she did so she doesn't understand why people stay pressed about her not singing anymore.

"To top it off, I will gladly stand for what I love, my sister life is not social media. PS: the royalty checks still coming in..." the last of her reply read.

The mother of 2 who relocated to the US three years ago to live with her baby daddy Rotimi hinted that she might be making a musical comeback 5 months ago, however she is yet still to release anything.

Mdee shared a throwback video of when she was singing in 2019 at the Crans Montana Forum.

"I miss performing," she wrote

She went on to write;

"Trusting God for my next step as a performer. Waiting on His instruction."

In 2020, Mdee announced she had quit music. In her podcast, she described the music industry as demonic, highlighting it was the main reason she was taking a step back away from it all.

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