Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi
Image: Instagram

Singer Vanessa Mdee says her fiancé Rotimi makes sure she is occupied when he is far away from her. 

Vanessa has praised the father of her kids saying he sends her content to make her busy and feel like he's there.

"When I have to be places without Rotimi, he sends me cool content to keep me from feeling alone. Cute things he does," she said.


The couple is expecting their second born.

"Proof of life … 3rd Trimester is tri-MESS-tering 😩," said Vanessa

Their first born son is called Seven Akinosho.

In a past interview, Rotimi said he was intentional on getting an African woman.


"When you have an African woman, you get a woman who is cautious about our understanding of 'how to treat a man and how to be submissive,"he said.

"It's just a balance that is hard to find and I don't say you don't get that in American women but a lot of African women are made to be queens in their minds and also to be a great wives."