Here's the one drug that Wiz Khalifa has completely abandoned

The rapper noted he's been doing great after cutting off the drug from his system

American artist Wiz Khalifa
Image: Courtesy

American actor, multi-award-winning rapper, and producer Wiz Khalifa has revealed that he is almost hitting a year into his sobriety journey!

The 36-year-old noted that he had been dying to quit alcohol for the longest time and was super proud of himself now that he has been dry for 8 months and is a better man for it!

Wiz opened up about his journey during a guest appearance he made on the Cuhmunity podcast to talk about his new mixtape Khali Sober 

The "Black & Yellow" rapper highlighted that his new album 'Khali Sober,' was his custom spin on sobriety living in the Golden State.

Wiz noted that he was now officially only using "natural drugs" and he was doing really well.

 “I completely stopped [drinking] and I just do shrooms and smoke weed now. It’s been going really good, I’ve been trying to stop drinking for a long time now,” Wiz said candidly.

On how he was able to beat the vice the Hollywood actor excitedly revealed that his key to quitting drinking was he stopped taking sips in between takes while recording in the booth and ultimately decided to stop altogether after occasional lapses during performances and family events.

The 36-year-old rapper added that he tested out being booze-free on the road for the first time ever this past summer when he and fellow Hollywood do-it-all all star Snoop Dogg hit the road for a Reunion Tour of their hilarious golden comedy movie High School and had everyone getting in shape without worrying about hangovers.

Interestingly enough, the rapper still owns the gin company which houses two different brands. One goes by the name McQueen while the other is called the Violet Fog, which he advises people to drink responsibly.

Do you think with time Wiz would be able to ditch the "natural herbs" as well or is that a fa reach?

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