Hamisa Mobetto
Tanzanian actor and musician Hamisa Mobetto
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Tanzanian model and businesswoman Hamisa Mobetto has pronounced herself single despite rumours that she is dating a Tanzanian footballer Aziz Ki.

Aziz plays as a midfielder for Tanzanian Premier League club Young Africans(Yanga).  The Cote D'voir born man also plays for the Burkina Faso national team.

Speaking to the media, Mobetto denied the claims;


"Aziz ni rafiki yangu na sio mbaya kuonekana na rafiki yangu. Mimi nina marafiki wengi sana wa kiume, nimeshangaa imekua kama shocking news."

(Aziz is my friend and there's nothing wrong with being seen with a friend. I have many male friends, so that was shocking news to me)

Footballer Aziz Ki
Footballer Aziz Ki

The rumours were stirred by a video showing Hamisa in the company of the footballer at the airport where she had accompanied him from a concluded football game.


In the video, Hamisa is seen parting ways with the footballer once she notices cameras taking a footage of them.

Responding to that, she said;

"Kuongozana airport ni kawaida na wazoee tu kuniona naye." (Escorting each other at the airport is normal and people have to get used to seeing me with him now)

"Kwa sasa sina mahusiano yoyote, I'm very much single. Siko katika mahusiano yoyote." (For now, I am not in any relationship)

Asked about her Togolese boyfriend Kevin Sowax, she said;

"Yule tuliachana (we broke up) , its been a while since we parted ways."

She said the major reason for their break up was the long distance between them.

"Hakukua na sababu maalum, swala moja ni umbali, yuko busy, niko busy and he is a very nice guy and I appreciate him and will always do."

(There's was no specific reason but the major thing was the distance. We are all busy)