Minne Kariuki
Minne Kariuki

Minne Kariuki filmed The Real Housewives Of Nairobi (RHON) while pregnant with her second child. 

Minney said it was not an easy task "When you watch the show, you’ll definitely see me struggling throughout the season, especially during the second trimester. I was so nauseated, vomiting and hungry most of the time."

"I’ll be very honest; it was a very difficult pregnancy but I carried it through with strength. And I was still there for my friends when they needed me; I showed up. One great support system that I had during this whole experience and who has been there for me all through is my husband Charles and of course, my children, and you get to see a lot of that in Season 2."

She and her bestie Vera Sidika seem to have switched places. In RHON season one, Sidika was pregnant. In this season, Minney is expectant.

"Vee and I have definitely switched roles. I mean, she’s the diva now, doing so many crazy things. She’s so outspoken this season. And I am the one who’s now pregnant, tired all the time and hungry," she said

Adding "My relationship with her has definitely grown, and even away from the cameras, we’re really good friends and she’s someone my family really adores. One thing I love about our relationship is that it’s true and genuine, and you get to see a lot of that too in Season 2. She’s gone through a very difficult time and honestly, I love the new Vee because she’s really come out of her shell this season and is showing us who she really is."

She described her husband as her gossip partner and her best friend.

 "My pillar of strength and my prayer partner. We’ve gone through so much together and in Season 2, we’re showing the audience that we have a very organic marriage. We go through our ups and downs, and it wouldn’t be fair to show the audience that we’re always a perfect couple. It can be very hard to be open and genuine about your marriage to the audience because you don’t know the kind of attacks you will get from them, but then again, I’m a real person and I live a very real life."