in a past file
Vera Sidika with ex husband Brown Mauzo in a past file
Image: Instagram

Vera Sidika is fighting claims from social media users that she was never married to Brown Mauzo and that she used him only to get kids.

Sidika has rubbished these claims and shared photos of her 2020 marriage certificate.

According to the certificate, the couple got married on 12th October 2020.

A fan asked Sidika why she did not do a huge ceremony "It happened so fast, we did a Nikkah and planned to have a wedding ceremony but I got pregnant so we said after the babies, we would do a wedding."

Sidika added that they had split before they would finally do the ceremony as she had filed for a divorce.

She insisted that she would not lie to the public about being married to the singer.

"Why would I lie about being legally married? Is there a reward for marriage that would make me lie abut it?" She asked

"My parents didn't know we got married cause we didn't do a wedding ceremony. During my meeting with my divorce lawyer on RHON (reality TV show) I said I don't have my marriage certificate because my ex hubby took it and went with it. I didn't have it on me, all I have is a scan and not the original copy."

She then explained why she did not tell her parents about tying the knot.

"African parents are happiest when they attend a wedding ceremony for their kids. If my mum knew I got legally married, it would break her. She always wanted to attend my wedding, not lowkey things."

"Its every mum's dream to attend their child's wedding. In Africa, weddings are for our mothers. Not for us, I didn't wanna ruin that. So a proper wedding would have made my mum happier . That's why I didn't tell her. wanted a wedding ceremony."