Divorce party is better than therapy- Vera Sidika goes all ratchet

The reality TV star split up with her husband 9 months ago after close to 3 years of marriage

Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Veteran socialite, entrepreneur and musician Vera Sidika has left netizens tongues wagging after she threw a divorce party to celebrate her separation from her baby daddy, Brown Mauzo.

The globe trotting reality TV star split up with her now ex-husband Brown Mauzo 9 months ago after close to 3 years of marriage. The two had a few online spats here and there but fairly remained amicable. 

Fans were even surprised when they spotted the two cordially hanging out a few months ago at their child's birthday party.


Fast forward to yesterday evening and The Real Housewives of Nairobi (RHON) star announced she was going all out after finalizing her divorce with the coast based aspiring artist.

Taking to her socials, Vera posted a video of herself dressed in a colourful feather carnival regalia paired with a black see-through sheer body suit topped with a pink set. 

Captioning the post she announced she was finally free.


"Ready for my DIVORCE PARTY!!! I feel free like a bird," started off the mother of 2.

She went on to highlight that she no longer believes in the covenant of marriage.

"Let us get this party started!!! Marriage is a scam!!!" The rest of her post read.

Sharing a video of herself alongside friends partying in a exotic night club highlighting how the party went down Vera maintained her stance in marriage as she promised the full coverage of the ratchet night out would be showcased on RHON.

"Theme was Ratchet! Doing a divorce party is better than therapy," the mother of two shared before yet again adding, "marriage is a scam,"

Mauzo and Vera Sidika got married to Mauzo in October 2020 after months of dating. The socialite maintained they were legally married but a ceremony remained to be performed.

They share two kids together. A 2-year-old girl named Asia Brown and a 11-month-old boy named Prince Ice Brown 

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