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Timmy T Dat is in a new relationship with an unknown girl after ending things with Kush Tracy.

Things did not end so well for them but seems like the two have moved on to better things. Kush Tracy got saved and Timmy says he is happy his ex-girlfriend did not commit suicide.

Kush admitted to falling into depression after they broke up, but after finding what she called the light, she was no longer in that space.

It is a good thing that when you come through me, you don’t kill yourself

You don’t go through frustrations in life or even think of committing suicide, but you choose to follow Christ. I am happy for her and I feel it was her time.

Asked if the two are in good terms, he said,

We meet up in events and we talk.

As Kush was getting saved, Timmy T Dat was looking for love and he found it.

He confessed he is in a serious relationship but does not intend to post his girlfriend online, as social media cost him his precious relationship.

I don’t want opinions about our relationship like I got from the previous relationship. I will only advertise my music

Timmy Tdat/ Instagram

In a previous interview with kiss100.coke, Tracey confessed that she fought depression and sadness before getting saved.

I was just going through so much, so many emotions at the same time, and ilikua inafika mahali ambapo nikiwa mbele ya watu nacheka, nasmile mimi ndio ule Kush Tracey, but when I go back home and sit, I’m just so sad

‘Experience is the best teacher!’ Timmy T Dat on why his new relationship is private

Timmy Tdat is promoting his new song, ‘Kipopo’ but what does this mean King Timmy?

Popo is a Swahili word for a bat, which is known to be very active at night. It is a song that is meant to inspire people to continue working hard, just like a bat does

Enjoy the video below:

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