kambua pregnant
kambua pregnant
As a man, I probably cannot understand why child rearing and childbirth are important to a lot of women but I am not so much of a dunce that I cannot get that a lot of women peg their womanhood on the ability to have children.

And I have seen lasses share the struggles they have endured in the pursuit of that elusive pregnancy. For others, it is even more depressing because they get pregnant but lose the child to the complications arising from carrying another human being in their womb.

Kambua is one such woman and she has bravely shared her struggles and doubts with regards to conception with her husband.

At long last, however, it would seem her God has heard her cries for a child and has blessed her with one if a recent photograph of her showing off a fledgeling baby bump is anything to go by. And her friends have come forth to congratulate her and share words of encouragement with her.

I for one am happy that Kambua has been blessed after several years of marriage because as a social commentator, I got to see her grow and redefine what marriage meant to her: it is no longer complete when children are added but there is no denying that children are a precious addition to the union of a man and his bride.

Here are some comments from her friends and fans


nickmutuma...Congrats Queen

mwendemacharia...Congratulations mama

Congratulations Kambua. Eish. Unakaa vibesht sana.

jackyvike..Gorgeous!!! Welcome to Motherhood Hun, sooo happy for you

millywajesus..This is soooooo lovely thank you Jesus

alicekamande..Ooh dear! God is amazing. He surely is amazing. In his time , he makes all things beautiful. He is not a man that he should lie. Looking so lovely siz

mchebby...He has made everything beautiful in His own time