Maswali ya polisi hitmaker, DNA has come out to strongly condemn those who have been hating on Gengetone artists.

It is not clear who he was attacking since it has been a while since anyone bashed Gengetone or the artists apart from the normal beefs.

Posting a photo of himself giving the haters two middle fingers, DNA asked them to let the kids be.

He went on to add that some of the haters wish they 'had the courage to be openly nasty.'

'Going hard until the ocean is my back yard babyyyyy....lets goo..As for those who hate debate castigate #gengetone, wakule kubwa, let young ni**s do young n***a shit...bet some of you wish you had the courage to be openly nasty...i've said too much.. Good morning!' wrote DNA.

Rapper KForce backed DNA, asking people to let young kids be themselves.

'No cap 💯 Let the youngins be youngins,' he wrote.

DNA's sister, Tina Kagia alo greed with her elder bro's sentiments and wrote; 'correct'

Below are some of the reactions his post elicited,

Kevin Voks: I respect you bwana DNA. Umetupea hits tutakufa lyrics zikiwa bado off head

Duncan: Damu iko kwa DNA @dna_misterdreams amesema watu waBanjuke na Kuruka Tu😅😅 bro uliweza

Realanjeuno: Chairman amesema ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐