Kamene and Jalas
Kamene and Jalas
Image: kiss100

Kamene Goro is out here telling these men that her job comes first before any relationship.

Jalang'o, who is always telling her to be a big sister to the young girls listening to her, told her to stop hurting the men's hearts.

"If you do not have time for it, do not get into a relationship, stop wasting and hurting the other persons heart. Stop breaking sons of Adam."

Kamene laughed sarcastically and asked Jalas,

"Haven't you been doing that to us all through? You go a whole day without talking to me and you still expect the relationship to be stable"

To counter that, he told her the reason as to why some men opt for their women to stop working.

"That is why many men tell their wives to stay home and sacrifice their jobs because they see at this rate, the relationship will not work.

Women out here who think independence is having a job and paying rent are out here making excuses on their life."

But what happens to bringing something to the table?

"Mimi I should put my man before work? Can never be me. In fact, my first boyfriend is KISSFM. Men keep saying bring something to the table, some value and then now you are telling me to stop putting my job first."

Jalas wondered which table she will be bringing if the relationship is not even working out? There will be no relationship.