Madam boss Akothee is grieing the death of her close friend, Christine who passed on recently.

According to the mother of five, Christine was a 'sweet person, a mother and a strong personality.'

She never revealed what led to her friend's death but she praised her as someone who changed her perception towards women.

She wrote;

"We shared alot in common, can't forget the sweet genuine laughter and the moments we shared together, however shot (sic) . I came up with a dream and you effected it with immediate effect. What Do I do with our PROJECT ELREBWOMEN SACCO "

Akothee went on,

It was on Saturday that I needed to call you for update ,I was discussing you with my friend ,sadly it was the same day you were saying goodbye to this world . Christine ! May the good Lord protect your children/ family and everyone who was close to you . As A single mother I know what it means leaving your children behind.🙏 Rest In Peace QUEEN.