Pregnancies are exciting children are a blessing from God once I learnt I was carrying Samidoh's second child, I did not know how to react and how to receive the news. I was shocked because I was only getting ready for campaigns and we were researching on the best position for me to vie for in Nairobi. But all in all I am so excited and I cannot wait to meet my little baby."

Samidoh's baby mama opened up on her fears and cravings which are very normal. The beautiful and sassy Nairobi Senate aspirant said that she is experiencing no fears at all but her appetite for freshly squeezed orange juice have really increased. She says that she has been sending for a rider a lot to get it for her to an extent that she was forced to buy a commercial machine that she can use in her house to make orange juice quickly.

"Every family is excited when there is a new member coming in and mine is no different. They were so happy and so was Samidoh since he loves children. My daughter is the happiest at the moment to become a big sister. She is always kissing my tummy before she leaves the house," Karen Nyamu concluded.