Socialite Amira has called out ex-husband, Jimal Rohosafi, demanding a public apology in relation to how Jimal publicly embarrassed her.

From Harmonize’s Instagram post, where the bongo flavor artist had bought his ex, Kajala, a brand new range rover as an apology gift.

Amira quickly commented, writing “if the apology is not this loud. Am not boarding, apology as loud as the disrespect! Period!!!” and Jimal replying with a shy monkey emoji wrote, “Si itaanguka”.

The two started beefing after the rivalry between Amira and Jimal’s second wife, Amber Ray, escalated leading to both physical and online fights.

Though Amber Ray decided to step out from the drama, Amira still found it hard to forgive Jimal and although videos have been surfacing online of the two living together, Amira has made it clear that she hast forgiven Jimal Rohosafi yet.

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