Pritty Vishy
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Musician Stivo Simple Boy and his ex-lover socialite Pritty Vishy continue to entertain their fans with slandering stories about their relationship.

The two have been trending for the past one month, horrifying us with personal details about dating.

Sadly, Pritty Vishy has borne the brunt of their social media antics, being cyberbullied endlessly.

Just a few days ago, Stivo said he broke up with his ex since she wanted twa twa before marriage.

On the other hand, Pritty Vishy stirred mixed reactions after suggesting that one is likely to end up in an unhappy relationship if they uphold the old belief of 'no intimacy until marriage'.

She said she cheated on him since he was not ready to try with her.

"He used to live with his sister, who is married and in a single room and we never got the chance to Twa Twa," she said.

Well, Pritty added that she decided to look for a mubaba to be her man while she was still dating Stivo.

In a recent interview with Mungai Eve, Pritty said she was never attracted to Simple Boy as he made the relationship boring.

"He was never attractive to me that is why I was cheating on Stivo Simple Boy. Although he was a good man. He was not attractive," she said.

"It was not a romantic relationship. I never agreed to stay with him till marriage. I don't have a boyfriend. I wanted someone who is fun and it is not fun to be around him. When I was around him, he did not understand my emotions."

In the same interview, Pritty Vishy responded to trolls, adding that negative comments affect her and those around her.

She said she is angry with people making fun of her looks as they disrespect her parents.

"I did not wish to be like this. Imagine my mum is on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Whatsapp and when she sees posts about me and how people are commenting, she fights back because imagine she did not choose to birth me the way I am," she said.

Vishy added;

"It hurts so much to an extent it hurts because my mum is like your sister, sibling then someone decides to get all negative for no reason it breaks me so much but if I remember I have my mum to make proud and people who look upto me," she said.

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