Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

Zari and Diamonds two children Tiffah Dangote and Prince Nillan always leave their parents fans impressed.

Not just for their accents, but for how they interact with the two celebrities.

In her latest video, Zari and the children are hanging out in her bed before bedtime.

The children ask her if they can give a shoutout to her legion of fans for following her life online.

Tiffah being the eldest starts the conversation looking deeply into the phone camera as Zari recorded.

"Thank you for loving Zarina the boss lady. she is he boss of the entire family. She loves us, she loves the entire family she is a big fan of like her friends, she is a big fan of us, I hope you guys are doign so good make sure to follow Zarina the boss lady i hope you are a big fan of hers, I love 

Prince Nillan also joins in gushing about his popular mother and says

they love her , they like her. Thank  you for mamas big fans "

Zari proudly looks at her children and asks "Did I give birth to you ?"

Tiffah replies "Yes you did. Coz thank you for mamas social media trends, thank you for Zarina recording, thank you for  this. I hope you are a big fan of hers. I love you guys."

Zari also thanked her children for being  good "I lways prayed for a girl and then God gave me you the only little princess I am so proud of you so continue being smart, continue being who you are, continue being as confident outspoken and the world is gonna be yours"

Zari also praised Nillan noting his sweet nature "As for you baba, you know I'm gonna love you obviously as my last bon my boy you are so handsome. You have always helped me around the house you are the cutest ever "

Tiffah adds " guys be a big fans of hers"

Zari responds " Thank you for the shoutout" then proceeded to give her children forehead kisses.

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