looking great
Steve Harvey looking great
Image: Instagram

Steve Harvey's 'innocuous' tweet yesterday has broken black Twitter considering the news of the split between Michael B Jordan and Lori Harvey.

The famous actor and television presenter's tweet read, "Love yourself my G."

Many who commented on the post opined that the post was cryptically directed at Michael B Jordan.


Some of the comments are below;

Jisike It could be read a couple different ways.... but judging what just happen. this is wild. Love Yourself G! not my daughter...

Respect Lake Lanier Steve earnestly regards MBJ as a good man even though it did work out. It's a respectful sign-off.


Chris McCall You must be referring to Michael B. Jordan

itsholland_ Was this Steve’s way of telling mbj “his daughter” wasn’t ready 👀

Bearded Papì Did you tell Michael B Jordan that?

Yanique Wonder if this was instilled in Lori? - serious question

part of my thighs Just talk to MBJ directly

Forsyth Balo Is this for Micheal? Cos that boy probably hurting...

bey This a subliminal to MBJ?🧐

in the happy past
Micheal B Jordan with Lori Harvey in the happy past
Image: Instagram

Anyone who has followed Steve Harvey knows he is a big admirer of Micheal B Jordan.

In a past interview with People magazine last September Steve the TV host expressed the qualities he loves most about MBJ.

Steve was happy about the type of family that Micheal comes from adding that he was also impressed with the spiritual side that the actor possesses.

“I don’t speak publicly about this type of stuff, but I’m happy for my daughter right now. I really am,” Harvey explained.

“It’s the first time I’ve been happy for her [in a relationship]. And it’s the first time she’s been happy… He’s just a good guy. If he wasn’t, get him out of here, ’cause I have ways. But I can’t say anything bad, man. He’s just got a great family, man. He’s a spiritual guy.”

Whatever happens after this, I am sure that Micheal will not have any problem getting willing suitors who are already lobbying in his DM's.

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