Frankie JustGymIt on the common issue he faced in his relationships

Frankie highlighted that his exes Corazon and Maureen suffered from daddy issues

his other ex Maureen Waititu on the right
Franki just gym it in the middle with his ex baby mama Corazon Kwamboka on the left and his other ex Maureen Waititu on the right

Well... well... well celebrity fitness trainer Francis Kiarie better known by his social media handle, Frankie JustGymIt is back making headlines yet again.


The 31-year-old in a recent interview decided to air out his ex's personal issues.

During the interview with Tanzania's vlog, Simulizi na Sauti (SNS), Frankie voiced how he felt the lack of father figures in both his exes: Corazon Kwamboka and Maureen Waititu's lives influenced his relationship with them.


"The women who I've been with...well the two ladies who I've been with, they didn't have a father figure.

This is something that Corazon and I have talked about it. She never had a father figure, her dad wasn't really there full time. So when the dad would come around she would ask him for some things that she wanted, thus to her love had a condition." Frankie started off.

He went on to add that even when he showed her unconditional love Corazon would not buy it always suspecting that there was a motive behind the affection.

"To her when you come to trying to show her love it would be because you want something. Even me when I show her love...unconditional love she would still try to find the condition," Frankie said.

Bro why would he choose to air out something that private with the world though? He did not dive deep into Maureen's "issues" but he also hinted that she was kinda in the same boat as Corazon.

And it did not just end there. Mans went ahead to say that if he was to get back with either one of his exes, Corazon would be top of the list.

One of the hosts had asked him if he was to get back together with either of his exes which one had higher chances.

To which he replied, "Obviously Corazon because we talk almost every day and I get to access the kids as often as I wish, so there are no issues there." 

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